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HR Consultant : Alisha Lujan, HR Phone : (505) 277-2173, HR Email :
OrganizationOrg CodeHiring Org
Valencia Custodial Services232DYes
Valencia County BranchAGDYes
Gallup Nursing171AYes
Gallup Bus Management Technology152AYes
Gallup Dental Assistant Program713BYes
Gallup Health Careers Sunpath713DYes
Gallup CCTE Administration714BYes
Gallup Transitional Studies Operat715EYes
Gallup Transitional Studies715AYes
Gallup Math Science717AYes
Gallup Social Science718AYes
Gallup Welding722FYes
Gallup Drafting722GYes
Gallup Applied Technology722AYes
Gallup Zollinger Library741AYes
Gallup Deans Office742AYes
Gallup Day Care743AYes
Gallup Zuni Campus744AYes
Gallup Middle College HS750AYes
Gallup Work Force Training Rev Exp723DYes
Gallup Counseling155CYes
Gallup Student Advisement155AYes
Gallup Financial Aid General Admin162AYes
Gallup Student Svcs Gymnasium724DYes
Gallup Student Services Dir Ofc724AYes
Gallup Records and Registration725AYes
Gallup Business Office Admin164CYes
Gallup Campus Voice Stu Newspaper167HYes
Gallup Student Social Cultural167AYes
Gallup Bookstore729BYes
UNM-G Childcare Center729EYes
UNM Gallup Food Services729FYes
Gallup Recreational Services729GYes
Gallup BranchAGAYes
LosAlamos Executive Director450AYes
LosAlamos Mathematics Statistics135AYes
Los Alamos BranchAGBYes
Taos Executive Director000AYes
Taos Organizational Development025AYes
Taos Marketing Public Relations026AYes
Taos BranchAGCYes
Valencia Social Cultural Studies114AYes
Valencia Science115AYes
Valencia Off Business Technology116CYes
Valencia Computer Info System116DYes
Valencia Instructional208BYes
Valencia Library208CYes
Valencia Dean of Instruction Admin208EYes
Valencia Faculty Development208JYes
Valencia Dean of Instruction208AYes
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