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HR Consultant : Alisha Lujan, HR Phone : (505) 277-2173, HR Email :
OrganizationOrg CodeHiring Org
RLSH Facilities Support215E1Yes
RLSH Facilities Maintenance215E2Yes
RLSH Facilities Custodial215E3Yes
RLSH Facilities Lock Shop215E4Yes
RLSH Facilities215EYes
RLSH Res Ed Program215F0Yes
RLSH Res Ed Gov't215F1Yes
RLSH Res Ed Support215F2Yes
RLSH Resident Education215FYes
RLSH SFH Facilities215G0Yes
RLSH SFH Program215G1Yes
RLSH Student Family Housing (SFH)215GYes
RLSH Ancillary Svcs - Safety215H0Yes
RLSH Ancillary Svcs - Conferences215H1Yes
Intern Programs215H2Yes
RLSH Ancillary Services215HYes
RLSH Admin Support - Student215I0Yes
RLSH Admin Support - Staff215I1Yes
RLSH Admin Support215IYes
Residence Life and Student Housing215AYes
Bookstore Main Campus219AYes
UNM West and Branch InitiativesAACYes
Harwood Foundation Gen Admin124BYes
Harwood Foundation Program124CYes
Harwood Foundation124AYes
VP for Equity and Inclusion289AYes
Admissions Office085AYes
VP Enrollment Mgmt153AYes
Registrars Office Department176AYes
VPDEM General Administration290BYes
Communications Center290CYes
Business Applications/IT Computer290DYes
Enrollment Reporting290EYes
Veteran's Outreach290FYes
SSSC-Security and Maintenance290JYes
VP of Div Enrollment Mgmt Office290AYes
Scholarship Office Administration305AYes
SFAO Administration454BYes
Math & Reading Tutors454DYes
Off Campus Work Study454FYes
Student Financial Aid SFAO454AYes
Valencia Student Services221AYes
Valencia Admissions Registrar222AYes
Valencia Financial Aid223AYes
Valencia Business Finance Admin225FYes
Valencia Cashiers Office226AYes
Gallup Computer Service Instruction710AYes
Gallup Public Relations735AYes
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